IP intercom system is advertised as an upgrade system to replace the analog intercom system. Here in this passage we will introduce what are the differences between the two systems so it makes it easier for people to understand why to replace with the new IP one.

1. Communication protocol

IP intercom system is based on IP sip protocol. It’s an universally standard protocol, so different devices from different supplier in different countries can also work together as long as it’s based on SIP. Now most of the new devices have IP/SIP version, like IP camera, IP door bell, IP telephone, mobile soft phone etc. These terminals or software can be registered to and communicated in IP PBX, either server based or on premise.

One advantage of the IP system is that the terminals can be connected to the system by very standard interface like WAN port or WiFi. There is no need for extra wiring for internal network.

The analog intercom systems are, however, working under specific protocol. And the terminals from one vendor may not be able to work with other terminals from other vendor, even if they are all analog terminals.

And these terminals cannot be connected via WAN or WiFi. They need to be connected by specific cables and connectors.

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2. More Features for IP system

IP intercom systems have more new and practical features. For example it allows video call with voice, while the analog system cannot support duplex communication for voice and video between rooms.

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The video quality for IP system is also much more stable regardless of the distance of the terminals, as long as the Ethernet network is stable. But the video quality of analog system will get poorer when the distance is longer. So for long distance video transfer, video amplifier is needed.

3. Less limitation for IP system

For analog systems, there is not only limitation on the distance between the terminals, but also limitation on images for each room if no more amplifiers are installed. Also it’s not possible to have video call between rooms.

There are a still variety of helpful convenience and entertainment options on IP intercom systems like playing music, setting alarm clocks, changing ringtones for different rooms etc. Welcome to check with your IP intercom system integrator for more detailed information.

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