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Our Comprehensive Electrical Services

Photocell Installation, Programming, and Operation

Discover the future of lighting with our all-inclusive photocell service. Our skilled professionals handle installation and programming, bringing you effortless control over your lighting. Boost energy efficiency and operational ease with our advanced photocell solutions, aimed to improve your surroundings while reducing energy usage.

Decoration Lights Installation and Operation

Transform your spaces with our enchanting decoration lights installation. Light decorators craft mesmerizing lighting designs to elevate your surroundings. Experience the magic of creative lighting decoration as we bring your vision to life. Also, consider our services for professional Christmas decorators, spreading holiday joy through captivating light displays

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation and Operation

Stay at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution with our top-tier electric vehicle charger installation and operation services. We offer safe, efficient, and tailored solutions for all your EV charging station needs. From standard chargers to specialized options like the Tesla wall connector, we ensure a seamless experience. We  powered up for the future of transportation

Light Wi-Fi Switch Installation and Programming

Elevate your lighting control with our advanced WiFi smart switch installation and setup. Enjoy lighting management through top technology, featuring WiFi light switches, dimmers, and smart WiFi solutions. Enhance your space with WiFi-controlled switches, adding modern convenience to your home. Explore the finest in-home WiFi switches through our expert installation.

Solar System Installation

Embrace environmentally friendly energy solutions through our expert solar system installation services. We bring advanced solar panels and innovative solar roof tiles to your home, reducing your carbon footprint while saving you money. With a range of tailored solar system projects and efficient solar panel installation, you can seamlessly transit to a cleaner energy source. Join us in shaping a greener future

Electrical Inspection & Works

Prioritize safety and compliance with our meticulous electrical inspection services. We conduct thorough assessments, encompassing essential areas like fixed wire testing, electrical safety inspection, and socket testing. From domestic electrical testing to to a comprehensive inspection, we ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your systems and we provide top electrical inspection and testing services.

Wi-Fi  AC switch Installation and Programming

Experience your comfort with our Wi-Fi  AC switch installation and programming services. Take control of your air conditioner and thermostat remotely using our
Wi-Fi switch for air conditioner solutions. Convenient and efficient management of the cooling system with seamless integration and user-friendly control options. A new level of control over your indoor environment

Smart Water Heater Switch Installation and Programming

Experience the ultimate convenience with our Wi-Fi Water Heater Switch Installation and Programming services. Take charge of your water heater remotely, adjusting temperature and scheduling with ease through our innovative water heater Wi-Fi switch. With our cutting-edge technology, managing your water heater has never been this effortless

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