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Does your home get its water from a well system? If you answered yes, then chances are you also have low water pressure. Rather than living with low water pressure (which can be miserable for many), there are methods you can utilize to improve the water pressure. You can start by…


A home’s average water pressure should lie between 40 and 60 psi. For those who need to increase this number:

  1. Turn off the circuit dedicated to the pump
  2. Test the air fill valve with an air pressure gauge and see where your pressure lies
  3. If the water pressure is floating around 40 psi or below, increase it by adjusting the pressure switch (this is located on the pipe connecting the well and pressure tank)
  4. Turn on the circuit and test out the water by opening a faucet
  5. Readjust if necessary by repeating these steps    Dubai plumber


A common reason for low water pressure is plumbing pipes that are clogged with tons of sediment and minerals. This buildup will occur in homes that have hard water, which will damage plumbing and prevent a smooth flow of water. Combat this by having your pipes inspected and cleaned and having a water softener in

well system servicestalled (or having your current one serviced).

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To assist your pressure tank in providing your home with an increased amount of water pressure, consider installing a constant pressure system. This piece is installed on the water line that enters your home and will prevent water pressure from dropping when multiple fixtures are being used. Contact your local plumber to install new parts and pieces, and to inspect and service your plumbing.

Unsure if a constant pressure system is right for you? The experts at Len The Plumber also offers water pressure booster pumps, and can help determine the best solution for your well water system!

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Having low water pressure can be caused by many different reasons, but there are just as many ways to improve it. When you need a plumber to service your well system and address low water pressure, contact technical-24 Plumber.

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