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Haven gone through documentations and feature; understanding that  systems save costumer from having to go to his/her door unnecessarily and add an extra level of security,

 getting myself a kit was an exclusive idea.

 book intercom installation in UAE 

After  installation

After my installation was done, I can now ask who is at my door just through my indoor system without any stressful moment. 

The right  system allows you to conveniently see who is at your door from wherever you are in your house, even from the garden.   come in versions for single-family homes and apartment buildings, 

as pure  systems and with video. They come in 2, 3 and 4-wire systems and wireless systems.

How did I arrive at selecting my  System?

I may not have the technical knowledge to have done my selection but just by going through the below features of the system, my need was just a YES!

 book installation in UAE 


Most people install an intercom system for the added sense of security it offers. You want to be able to talk to and see who’s coming and going from your home or place of business.

Because intercom systems have access to sensitive information and can sometimes even unlock doors remotely, you want to make sure that it’s secure. When it comes to security, wired systems are the best choice.


 book intercom installation in UAE 

Because each intercom speaker is physically connected to the others, wired systems tend to be more reliable than wireless intercoms as well. Since they don’t rely on networks, they only need a steady power supply to remain operational. 

Every time your internet goes down, your wireless intercoms will stop working. If you’re away from the office, you’re not going to have access to your intercoms at all until you can physically restart your router.

Mobile Accessibility

It might seem like wireless systems would be more mobile-friendly, since they rely on networks, but it really doesn’t make much difference. Both wired and wireless intercom systems can be operated remotely. 

All that matters is if your intercom’s master station can connect to the internet or if it uses a mobile app.

analog Vs IP

Flexibility When compared to traditional analogue intercom systems, 

the IP innovation has allowed for the development of an extensive range of intelligent new features. IP intercoms offer an impressive functionality, 

whereby visitors calls can be re-routed to another line should an individual not be present to allow access to the premises.

Easy Installation When compared to basic analogue systems, IP intercom solutions are very easy to install. 

IP intercom systems operate over your existing IP infrastructure, meaning less cabling, less time spent on site,

 thus saving on installation costs. This also means much less disruption to the workplace as a whole.

Performance Whether you choose to install an audio IP intercom or video IP based intercom, the performance quality that IP systems offer is sure to impress. No longer will you experience crackle on the line, 

poor sound quality or “block/choppy” pixelated images on your video handset.

Which intercom system is the right one for you? As for me, the Wire Villa IP-Kit Series was a let’s go for

Intercom – Wikipedia


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