150 LPM High Flow Fuel Dispenser

رمز المنتج: SM_P_17 التصنيف:


150 LPM High Flow Fuel Dispenser

*Trustable highly precise metrology equipment

*High performance for electronic parts

*High quality explosion-proof motor with strong ability against power fluctuation

*Specially designed filtering systems with build-in re-cleanable filter

*Flexible fueling for diesel, and kerosene etc.

*Works well in harsh conditions, like extremely cold, hot, humid, and sand-stormy environment Technical specifications:

Accuracy for the unit ±0.25%
Flow rate 150L/min
Ambient temperature 25℃~ +55℃; -40℃~ +50℃
Relative humidity 20% – 95%
Unit noise rate < 70dB (A); Inlet vacuum rate for suction pump ≧54kPa Communication With RS 485 port, or current loop Power supply AC 220V( -15%~+10%),(50/60±1)Hz; AC 380V( -15%~+10%); (50/60±1)Hz Digit of sale 7digits (decimal points can be adjusted ) Digit of volume 6digits (decimal points can be adjusted ) Digit of unit price 5digits (decimal points can be adjusted ) Totalizer of sale 0~42949672.95 Totalizer of volume 0~42949672.95"