Vapor Recovery System

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Vapor Recovery System
“Concentrated vapor recovery pump Main Advantages:

∗ Save cost: All the fuel nozzles will share one vapor recovery pumping unit, mainly for large size station.

∗ Low noise: This vapor pump can be installed close to the tanks area. All the vapor pipe will be fixed to the vapor pumping unit. Due to the long distance to front area, the noise is very low.
∗ Modification and installation are easy as well as precise vapor recovery control.

∗ Frequency speed control is applicable in the station, which keep the suitable suction ability for total fueling condition in the whole station.

∗ Any type dispenser: this vapor system can work with any type of fuel dispenser.

Two models for Concentrated vapor recovery pumping unit: VRS300-1 and VRS300-2

∗ VRS300-1 : for 8 nozzles working simultaneously

∗ VRS300-2 : for 16 nozzles working simultaneously

Remarks:for one service station, the nozzles working simultaneously will less than the total nozzles.”