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Product Overview:

1. Pictures of Infrared Thermometer:

2. Parameters of Infrared Thermometer:

The infrared thermometer is mainly composed of an infrared detector, a display screen, a button, a housing, a circuit board and embedded software. It measures the body temperature by measuring the heat radiation from the forehead.
1. High-precision digital infrared sensor with measurement accuracy ± 0.2 ° C.
2. Automatically shut down if no measurement operation.
3. With measurement memory function, it can record 32 sets of measurement data.
4. With low voltage alarm function.
5. With temperature compensation function.

Forehead temperature measurement
Point the thermometer directly above your forehead and keep it vertical, no hair covering the test area, the distance between the thermometer and your forehead is 2 ~ 3 cm.

Different modes
Forehead temperature mode
Material surface temperature mode

Biobase Thermometer Non-Touch Infrared Thermometer Manufacturer (Sharon)

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