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Dahua is designed to make installation as easy as possible.
Dahau Intercom systems start with a camera module (outdoor station/VTO)
connected to a switch. This switch provides power to the camera module (outdoor
station). Monitors are also connected to the switch. The monitor/VTH can be
powered using a PoE injector or 12VDC adapter. If required, additional monitors
can be added to the system. CAT5-6 cable can then be run to the PoE switch to
deliver power & data. Connecting the switch to a router allows connection
to networked PCs or smartphones.


Dahua intercom products come in a versatile Series as
listed below:

IP Series

2-Wire Series

4-wire Series


Each of those series can either be selected as a single
Apartment Door Station, Villa Door Station, and Indoor Monitor or as a Kit
which contain both an Outdoor Station and Indoor Monitor.


1.      Dahau IP
Intercom Series

The Dahau IP (Internet Protocol) intercom system is an internet-connected
device designed to transmit audio and video between two parties. IP intercoms
can either connect directly to each other via a Local Area Network (LAN)
connection or through a computer server. In contrast to analog intercom
systems, IP intercoms rely on digital technology, allowing them to transmit
larger and more complex data such as video. But modern IP intercoms don’t just
transmit video and audio. They also connect to a building’s electronic or magnetic lock to facilitate property

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IP intercom system is
advertised as an upgrade system to replace the analog intercom system

IP intercom systems
have more new and practical features. For example it allows video call with
voice and the video quality is also much more stable regardless of the distance
of the terminals, as long as the Ethernet network is stable.

take a view of some IP Series.

VTO9541D is an apartment door
station Ultra series which come in touch screen keyboard with a 10-inch display
and 3D noise reduction. It can be managed through the platform and support
voice communication between mobile app and station unit.

b)      VTO7541G Digital Face Recognition Outdoor
Station, VTO4202F-X
2Mp Modular Apartment Door Station and Modular Outdoor
Station and  VTO7521G 8 Inch
Digital Outdoor Station are all IP apartment door station Pro Series that you
easy and convenient control over your home. These series Supports voice and
video communication with high definition fisheye camera with range allowing you
to have a convenient and fair conversation with your visitor at the door.

c)       VTO6521F Apartment
Door Station, VTO6521H Apartment
Door Station, VTO6531H Face
Recognition Door Station, VTO6541H Face
Recognition Door Station, VTO6521H-D
Apartment Door Station, VTO1210C-X-S1
Apartment Outdoor Station and VTO6221E-P
Apartment Outdoor Station are IP apartment door station-Lite Series with high
resolution display, multiple unlock modes, snapshot and video motion detection
and support voice call through App.

d)      VTO3221E-P is a Villa Outdoor Station IP Ultra
Series that come with 2MP camera focus which gives costumer the ability to have
a clear view and conversation with someone outside that want to gain access to
the door.

e)      VTO2202F-P-S2 is a
Pro Series 2-wire IP Villa Door Station with a cool and colorful fisheye camera
display. It allow video and audio 2-way communication. That is, it allows you
to speak with your visitor at your door and the visitor have the opportunity to
response back since it is a 2-way communication device if connected to an
Indoor station for a proper operation. It support mobile application and allow
you to remotely unlock your door and speak with visitor as well.

f)       VTH5422HB/VTH5422HW
2-wire IP Indoor Monitor, VTH5421HB/VTH5421HW
IP Indoor Monitor, VTH5321GB(W)-W
, Android 7-inch digital indoor monitor, VTH5421E(W)-H
Digital Indoor Monitor with Handset, and  VTH5341G-W
Android 10-inch digital indoor monitor are IP Pro Series Indoor Monitor.

g)      VTH5221D/DW-S2
Wi-Fi Indoor Monitor, VTH5221D/DW-S2
Wi-Fi Indoor Monitor VTH5221DW-C-S1
Wi-Fi Indoor Monitor, VTH5241DW-S2
Wi-Fi Indoor Monitor and VTH2421FB(W)-P
Digital VTH are wireless IP Indoor Pro Series.

h)      VTH1550CH-S2
IP Indoor Monitor and VTH5441G Digital VTH
(SIP 2.0) are Lite Series Indoor IP Monitors


KTP04-IP Villa Door Station

KTP02-IP Villa Door Station & Indoor Monitor

KTP01-IP Villa Outdoor Station & Indoor

The KTP01, KTP02 and KTP04-are
video IP Intercom with access control function that support 2-locks and mobile
phone app that allow you to talk to visitor or unlock door remotely.

These IP series KIT Video Intercom lineup eases
communications between visitors, home owners, and property management centers.

With the KTP01,
and KTP04 IP, they work to
bring in a connection between the outer front door and the home/office interiors
through the use of speakers and microphones.

Therefore, whenever someone presses your doorbell, you
are alerted straight away and you can directly speak to the visitor and ask
them to introduce themselves if needed. As they are two-way communication device,
they also allow the visitor to answer back to you.

The KTP01, KTP02 and KTP04 IP Series contains Outdoor
Stations (VTO) and Indoor Monitors (VTH).


Dahau 2-Wire Series


KTD01 is a 2-Wire IP Villa Video Intercom system
Kit.IT includes both indoor and outdoor video intercom stations powered by a
distributor that only needs two wires, one for power and one for audio/video

This setup makes things simple when you are upgrading an
old intercom system. With fewer wires required, you can simply reuse the
existing ones from the previous hardware. KTD01 Installation is easy and fast.

Due to its welcoming digital ability, mobile app is used
to communicate with visitor or unlock the door remotely and support video
intercom function, access control function that supports for 2 lock, and 2MP
outdoor station fisheye camera.

Dahua  intercoms in

A 2-wire intercom system is advantageous if you are using a
simple doorbell or will replace an existing system that is only connected via a
double-circuit line. This will then save you from having to lay new cables,
which would cost you in terms of material and labor.


Dahau 4-Wire Series

Nowadays 4-wire indoor monitor has been more
high-fidelity audio to guarantee great acoustic performance in hand-free and
handset mode. They are still compatible for all outdoor stations in 4-wire
system. The outdoor stations still provide each and every day with a remarkable
experience, whether with its multifunctionality with video. They still ensure
the safety for your home 

Dahua intercom companies in UAE 

Dahua  intercom companies in Dubai 

The VTO1000J Analog Door Station and VTO Analog Villa
Door Station are Analog 4-wire series for Video Intercom function. It supports
Unlock, voice/video call, volume adjustment and supports digital wide dynamic
range (DWDR).


The VTH1020J Analog Indoor and VTH202DW Analog Indoor
monitors are 4-wire analog indoor stations with color video and audio intercom
and 7-inch display non-Touch screen. It come in Video intercom function (Unlock,
voice call, video call and volume adjustment).

 Dahua intercom company in sharjah .

The KTA02 Video
Intercom Kit is an analog 4-wire video intercom that consists of a voice
intercom and a video intercom. It is applicable to buildings (for example residential
buildings) for people to do voice communication and video communication. The
voice intercom is installed outdoors and video intercom is installed indoors.
It consist of 2 door stations and indoor monitors system capacity with 7-inch
display screen. It allows you to speak with your visitor or other stations with
the indoor station and in return the visitor response with the outdoor station.
The VTH is used to Unlock, do voice and video calls and adjust volume.


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