Is your air conditioning at full speed, but you still don’t think it’s cooling down properly? Your AC coil may be the culprit. The coil is responsible for cooling the air to the temperature you set. However, due to constant use, the repeated condensation process causes dirt to settle first and stick to the surface of the coil, which ultimately makes it more difficult to pass air through efficiently.

 Best  AC cleaning , Duct ,  AC maintenance  in Dubai 

It is important to consider planning your next coil cleaning service if you are experiencing the following:


  • Your air conditioner does not fully cool.
  • The airflow through your vents does not seem to work at full efficiency
  • Freezing or leaking of the coils.


Our technicians use a combination of our steam cleaner  to penetrate into the depth of your coil to ensure it is clean and free of pollutants.

 Best  AC cleaning , Duct ,  AC maintenance  in Dubai 

Our Coil Cleaning Services includes:

  • Deep cleaning of your coils through cleaning  with RotAir,  fog cleaning, rinsing, and finally Vacuum cleaning.
  • All fans and motors are thoroughly washed, cleaned and then re-fitted by our experienced technicians


Advantages of coil cleaning:

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