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Interphone is a small communication system using real
telephone linking several room to speakers in another room. While Intercom is a
small communication system, generally not telephone-like linking a
room to speakers in another room.


Today, modern homes are an extension of the smart,
connected lifestyles we lead. Cutting-edge technology has enabled the smart
home where everything is automated and connected, be it your lighting, heating,
sound or security systems. And one thing that takes your smart home to the next
level is the smart 
home intercom and interphone systems. With
WIFI connectivity, built-in cameras and a host of cool features, the new-age
smart intercom systems as well as the convenient, relaxation on communication
around your home with the smart-interphone are just what you need in your home.
Here’s why:   



A home intercom and interphone
system provides peace of mind with an extra layer of security in your
smart home. Apart from seamless communication with interphone in the home,
smart intercoms with doorbell video units allow you to see and interact with
visitors at your front door.

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Installing home intercom and interphone
systems facilitates communication and connectivity within your home; No
yelling at the top of your voice, with the push of a button (or a seamless
voice command!) you can instantly communicate with family members in any part
of the house. With web-based IP-enabled intercom units, you can communicate
with your family from any part of the house or even across the town! 

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There’s no denying the fact that home intercom
and interphone systems are super convenient. One doesn’t need to look
through the peephole or get up to answer the doorbell. You can check on
visitors remotely, and even unlock the front door with smart door release systems!
Apart from freedom from yelling to call family members, the two-way intercom
and interphone systems are also easy to use for the less tech-friendly members
of the household.  

Communication to your gate door is essential for
total security & convenience. The audio
/video intercom
 and interphone systems are very convenient for
verification & identification of a person requesting entry.

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Video entry systems have the added advantage of visual
verification before allowing access to any of a person in house. An audio/video
intercom system helps secure your property by allowing you to visually confirm,
and audibly speak to

Visitors to your home or business, without risking
forced entry by unlocking / opening the front door.

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These devices comes in 2, 4 parallel wire connectivity.

For clarity and quality voice and video transmission,
distance between the indoor and outdoor units for the interphone range from
1-170m when using intercom cable and from 1-300m when using cat6 internet cable
while the intercom range from 1-60m and 1-300m depending the type wire used.

Required distance between the connection of the
interphone and intercoms depends upon the brand and series selected for your

For internal connection between the indoor units, connections
range from 1-35, & 60meters depending the model or series of intercom or
interphone used.


One or more outdoor units or indoor units can be added
to allow multiple entry points to be controlled and monitored by the intercom/interphone
systems depending brand and model of interphone/intercom desired for.


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