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Our AC Services Include

AC Maintenance

Ensure your AC units are always in top-notch condition with our comprehensive AC
maintenance services in Dubai. We specialize in AC maintenance, repair, and service for a wide
range of units, including AC ducts, split units, and window ACs. Our dedicated team guarantees
optimal cooling efficiency, making sure you enjoy the refreshing comfort you deserve, even in
the scorching heat of Dubai. As the best AC maintenance company in Dubai, we take pride in
delivering excellence with our expert technicians and top-notch solutions. Don't settle for less
when it comes to aircon maintenance – choose us for the finest AC maintenance services Dubai
has to offer.

AC Split Installation and Operation

When it comes to AC split installation, our skilled technicians are your trusted experts in Dubai
and the UAE. We offer impeccable AC installation services, covering Dubai and even Sharjah.
Our team specializes in split system AC installation, ensuring that your new unit is set up
flawlessly for optimal performance. Whether you need assistance with split type AC installation
or require guidance on split unit air conditioner installation, we've got you covered. Our
comprehensive air conditioning installation services extend to mini-split AC installation as well
as general split system installation. We're committed to excellence in every aspect, from AC
maintenance work to providing operational guidance.

AC Cleaning

Our expertise covers both split and window AC units, ensuring a meticulous cleaning of all
components, both inside and out. Our professional AC cleaning service encompasses thorough
AC duct cleaning, proficient air conditioner cleaning, and specialized attention to detail.
Operating in Dubai, we offer dedicated AC duct cleaning services that eliminate contaminants
and enhance efficiency. Experience the benefits of cleaner air with our AC vent cleaning and
professional air duct cleaning services. As a leading AC cleaning company in Dubai, we pride
ourselves on delivering exceptional results and unmatched AC service. Our skilled air
conditioner technicians are equipped to handle all your cleaning needs, ensuring your AC unit
operates optimally while providing a healthier indoor environment.

Pool Cooling & Heating

Dive into a year-round pool paradise with our specialized pool cooling and heating solutions.
Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect, from precise calculations to seamless
installation and efficient operation of pool heating and cooling units. Whether you're looking to
enjoy the soothing warmth of pool heating or the refreshing coolness of pool cooling, we've got
you covered. Our expertise ensures that your pool is ready for your enjoyment in any season.
With a focus on excellence, our services go beyond ordinary pool service, offering you an
exceptional experience that transforms your pool into an oasis of comfort. if you are looking for a pool cooling and heating company in UAE, Technical-24 is a great option.They also provide maintenance services to keep your pool cool and heated year-round

Duct Cleaning (AC & Kitchen)

Experience the purity of air with our specialized duct cleaning and sanitation services. Utilizing
state-of-the-art equipment and approved materials, we guarantee a comprehensive cleaning for
both AC and kitchen ducts. Breathe easy as our dedicated team ensures the removal of
contaminants and buildup, creating a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. Trust
us to redefine indoor air quality through our expert duct cleaning solutions. If you need a duct cleaning company in Dubai, consider Technical-24. They offer diverse, high-quality services at competitive prices

Thermostat Installation

Achieve unparalleled AC control with our premium thermostat installation services. Our expert
technicians provide precise installation and comprehensive operational guidance, ensuring the
ultimate comfort experience. Our services extend to various aspects, including thermostat
installation cost assessment and wiring expertise. Trust us for professional installation, whether
it's for a Nest thermostat in Dubai, with keywords like Nest thermostat installation and Nest
thermostat wiring covered. We specialize in thermostat installation in Dubai, offering a wide
range of thermostat services to cater to your needs.

Water Tank Cooling

Secure refreshing water all year long with our dedicated water tank cooling services. We excel in
regulating the perfect water temperature to guarantee your utmost comfort. Our expertise covers
various aspects, including water tank cooling system installation and maintenance. Count on us
to provide top-notch cooling for your water tanks, with comprehensive cooling services that
ensure optimal performance. Whether you need a water cooling system for your tank or a water
chiller tank solution, we've got you covered. Our specialized services include water tank cooling solutions, including options like a cooling fan.

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Competitive Pricing

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