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Swimming Pool Heater & Chiller Service In UAE

Swimming pool chiller and heater repair in UAE is a critical job that should not be attempted on your own. A properly calibrated and maintained pool heater will provide optimal performance while consuming the least amount of electricity. Because this is a sophisticated device, expert assistance is required in cases of repair. If you are experiencing pool water temperature issues or a technical problem with your pool heater equipment, remember to contact Technical-24 for an efficient and professional pool heater repair experience. Install an advanced cooling system in your pool to produce cooler water during Dubai’s warmest months. And if you’re uncertain about the heater or chiller you should purchase for your pool? Please contact Technical-24 by phone or email, and we will walk you through all of your options and the costs that work best for you. To improve your swimming experience, Technical-24 provides excellent pool heating and cooling services in the UAE. Their trained staff understands the significance of keeping the ideal water temperature, regardless of the season. 

 Our Pool Heating Services Include:

  • Electric resistance heater
  • Gas heater
  • Heat pump
  • Solar heater

Chilling  Services Include:

  • Mechanical evaporative cooler
  • Reverse-cycle swimming pool heater
  • Water chilling system

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