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Automatic Sliding Door Installation Services

Technical-24 specialises in providing high-quality automatic sliding door services in the UAE. Whether you’re in need of an electric sliding gate, automatic gate opener installation, or an entire automatic sliding door system, they are your trusted choice. Technical-24 has a team of specialists that can perform Installation and repair on all types of Automatic sliding Door.We offer you high quality products that ensure good credit standing and customer relationships. And we are not a compromise to the Quality of product. We provide automatic sliding door systems with  great convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door.Our automatic sliding doors are suitable for a wide variety of types of buildings, offices and residential buildings to retail environments and transit centres. They are compact, durable and energy efficient. They can be customised and improved through miscellaneous security and security options


Technical-24 is committed to offering the best automatic sliding door opener options, complete with sensors for added convenience and safety. Their dedication to excellence and skill in automatic sliding door installation and maintenance make them the go-to automatic gate company in the UAE. When you choose Technical-24, you can count on reliable and efficient solutions for your automatic sliding door needs.

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Our Automatic Sliding Door Installation Process

Our priority at Technical-24 is to ensure a seamless process for the installation of your automatic sliding door system. In order to tailor our approach to your specific needs, we begin with a thorough consultation and site assessment. Our team then creates a detailed design plan that ensures compliance with safety standards and alignment with your architectural vision. Meticulous installation, employing specialized tools and techniques, guarantees precision. Rigorous testing and verification follow, assuring optimal functionality and safety. At Technical-24, we go beyond installation, offering ongoing maintenance and support packages. Your automatic sliding doors will run smoothly and efficiently for years to come with our reliable service.

Automatic sliding door

Automatic Sliding Door Repair & Maintenance

Nowadays, it’s common for automatic sliding doors to encounter issues and cease proper functioning. At Technical-24 in the UAE, our Automatic Sliding Door Repair & Maintenance service is dedicated to resolving such issues swiftly and efficiently. With a team of skilled technicians, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing a variety of automatic sliding door malfunctions, ensuring they operate seamlessly. Beyond repair, our maintenance services are designed to proactively address potential issues, enhancing the longevity and reliability of your automatic sliding doors. Keep your automatic sliding doors in optimal condition with Technical-24, providing prompt and reliable solutions to ensure uninterrupted operation

Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Automatic sliding doors provide convenient and effortless access for people of all abilities, promoting inclusivity and ease of movement.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: By reducing heat transfer and air leakage, automatic sliding doors contribute to energy savings and a more sustainable building environment.

  • Enhanced Security: Automatic sliding doors can be equipped with advanced security features, deterring unauthorized entry and safeguarding your premises.

  • Elevated Aesthetics: Automatic sliding doors add a modern and sophisticated touch to any building, enhancing its curb appeal and overall design.

  • Reduced Noise and Dust: Automatic sliding doors help minimize noise pollution and prevent dust and debris from entering your building.