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Telephone System Repair & Installation Service

A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a crucial component in the world of telecommunication call center systems. It serves as the backbone of efficient communication within organizations, allowing them to manage and streamline telephone services effectively

Technical-24 provides PBX solutions all across the UAE. It’s one of the most trusted companies in the United Arab Emirates in IP Phone, PABX, and Centrix solutions. Several years of experience in PBX services made our company able to deal with any kind of solutions regardless of the size of work and technologies to be implemented.A PBX system is ideal for a business that needs only a few extensions. In each business synopsis, a key telephone system or PBX serves as the way for supporting the company to connect with a short number of lines to the public or private network. The arrival of VoIP has changed the conventional landscape ultimately enabling the companies to carry out the communication wholly over the IP networks.

We are specialised in providing

  • Panasonic telephone system support
  • Grandstrem telephone system Support
  • Yeastar telephone system support
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